Čišćenje i održavanje poslovnog prostora – Preporuka kompanije – iVentions event architects

Dear Milos,


After commenting our experience with SIS Family with my colleagues and hearing their experience with your service, I am glad to inform you that we were all very satisfied with your work.


Although we tried to plan ahead, it is difficult to foresee all last-minute issues that might arise on such a large event. Your response to our last-minute changes and additional requests was always friendly, quick, correct and very satisfying.


You and your staff always responded in a very friendly, responsive and flexible manner, the service was flawless. Maybe we should have told you that we would have needed one dedicated person during the whole event in the most critical areas, as i.e. the toilets, to make sure missing paper towels were filled up immediately. We admit this was our fault and not yours. As I remember, when I checked for the toilets in the Platinum/Club VIP area and found there was no paper towels, your staff was right around the corner and immediately responded to my request.


In summary, we were absolutely glad to have you on board, please also tell this to your dedicated staff.


Thank you very much, it was a pleasure to work with you!


With best regards and


inventive wishes,
Theresa Baum | Project Manager


Kontakt telefon za usluge čišćenja: 063/627-977

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